Spencer House Bed & Breakfast



Meet Your Innkeepers



Fast friends, they play hard and sleep hard--just what cats do.  They may not be the actual innkeepers, but they sure do act like they own the house.


Chi is 6. Her tail is her favorite toy right now. She's a bit shy and keeps to herself, but she does hope that you enjoy your stay and sleep as comfortably as she does.


Nikita Mariboo adopted us on Halloween 2012. She has happily settled into her mansion. She has added much life to our home and is the official greeter.  She even has her own blog.

Fletcher and Joy (owned by the above cats), purchased the B&B back in March and are giving the “Grand ol' Dame” a much needed makeover. If not busy with the inn, Joy can be found working on a knitting project, or perhaps doing another marvelous historic needlepoint sampler—many of which can be seen throughout the house.

Joy and Fletcher

Fletcher, who is the chief cook and head bottle washer, spends his extra time plying the local waters in and around Erie. He looks forward in the near future to taking guests on guided fishing trips on the bay and lake, especially for trophy smallmouth bass.